Lauren Stern and Luke Kalamar

July 8, 2015

We've had our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Missy for a little over a month, and Halfway Hounds has been there for us every step of the way. The amount of time Carl, Dana, and Beth put into Missy's health, training, and quality of life is truly remarkable. This is an organization that truly cares about what's best for every dog that comes through their door. We are so grateful to have come across such a wonderful organization, and of course, for having little Missy in our lives. Thank you, Halfway Hounds! 


Love, Lauren Stern and Luke Kalamar 

Stacey Gammon

January 25, 2014

Incredible group of passionate people who put a focus on helping the dogs become more adoptable, including a lot of training.

Sheila Purcaro

January 13, 2014

One of the best rescues in the state of new jersey, they get the job done, efficiently, effectively, compassionate, and they put their whole heart and soul, into finding the perfect match for the them

Constance Hill

January 8, 2014

We adopted Rocky Ali, 5 and a half pound chihuahua, on Christmas Day. Wow. What an amazing Christmas present he is. He has adjusted to our home smoothly and we are loving him. Thank you, everyone at Halfway Hounds, especially Leen, Beth and Kris. You run the most humane rescue organization, caring for the animals and carefully making lifelong matches. With love and gratitude, the Hills

Shane Svorec

September 29, 2013

Hello Carl & Halfway Hounds Team!

I wanted to take a moment to express how wonderful I think you all are for your efforts and commitment to these beautiful and deserving animals. Your time and dedication to finding "just the right" home for each and every animal is a testament to your love and professionalism and ultimate goal of finding a permanent and positive home for these special animals.

Neshama Kutin

June 5, 2013

Halfway Hounds and all the people who work and volunteer for them are amazing! They made sure that our dog, Bear, was a good fit for our family and then Carl came to work with me to be the best "pack leader" I can be. Bear is a confident, happy dog. Thanks Halfway Hounds!

John, Grace, and Henry

April 14, 2013

A year ago today my buddy Henry showed up. I can't even imagine life without him. I have you and Halfway Hounds to thank for all. Your patience and your guidance were above and beyond what anyone could ever ask for.

I started a business and the year flew by. I wanted to drop a line and a quick pic. Thats our boy about 5 minutes ago. He is my true friend. Thank you so much, Carl!

Hope all is well for you.

Lucas Kelly

October 14, 2011

Dear Lynn and Halfway Hounds


I have been wanting a dog for 3 years. All of my friends had a dog and now I am one of them.  Jasmine now knows how to sit and sometimes she runs around the yard like a wild bull.  She is the love of my life!



Lucas Kelly

Tim and Erin

October 2, 2011

We love Hunter and truly appreciate your kind generosity. You've made it possible for us to adopt Hunter and please accept our heart filled thanks to everyone at Halfway Hounds.


Thank you, Tim


Hunter is the cutest, sweetest, most behaved dog you will ever meet!  He is definitely a perfect addition to our family.
~ Erin

Bailey's Former Owner

August 11, 2011

I want to thank Halfway Hounds for the amazing job they did finding a family for my dog. I got her 4 years ago as a puppy and she immediately became my best friend. Due to many changes in my life I found myself in a situation where my home, time and finances were at cut back to a minimum. As much as I loved my dog I started to see that my life now was unable to provide the attention and activity she needed. Living with the guilt of not being the dog owner I was or wanted to be I knew something needed to change. Making the decision to give my dog away was extremely difficult. Getting my dog a better more fulfilling life than I could provide was what made me begin searching for a new family. 

I was referred to Halfway Hounds and was immediately impressed with how quickly they responded to me. I felt comfortable talking about my situation and I wasn't judged but supported that I wanted to give my dog a better life. Everything throughout the adoption process was very thorough which made me feel confident that the best decisions were being made for my dog. A potential adoptive family was quickly found. Being kept in the loop with how background references were and the home visit went reassured me that the new family would be a good fit for her. 

As emotional of a time as giving up a member of your family is, I felt supported by the team from Halfway Hounds. Being able to see my dog calmly leave me and walk away to her new life made me feel relieved that she was going to start her new life in a positive way. Getting updates with how the transition was going was also very appreciated. 

Looking back at all that was involved in placing my dog I am entirely grateful to Lynn and the team at Halfway Hounds for the amazing job they do. Halfway Hounds made one of the most difficult decisions of my life a positive experience. Having the comfort that my dog is happy, cared for and loved due to Halfway Hounds is gift I will forever be grateful for. 


August 1, 2011

Thank you for helping my niece find a loving home for Bailey. Although there were many tears shed here on Sunday there was also such a feeling of relief that Bailey will be getting the attention that she needed so badly from a loving family. Words can not begin to express our gratitude for all you and the Halfway Hounds volunteers did for this wonderful puppy! Thank you so very much!


April 17, 2011

We have had Charlie for nearly 7 months and he is thriving so much.  He is a joy.  Here we are kissing and playing on a Sunday morning.  I tell everyone about you.


January 20, 2011

Thank you so much for your help. Carl came by today and provided a lot of great advice. We have decided to have Cassidy be a permanent member of our family.  She has come a long way in the last couple of weeks.


But the support Halfway Hounds provided was very helpful from the beginning and I can't thank you enough.


December 18, 2010

Hi, this is Lady (Sasha).  Mom and Dad called me Lady on 1st day with them because they said I have good manners and I'm very elegant.  I am so happy here!  I am in a perfect place.  I love Leonardog and he lets me play with his toys.  The yard is so big and I love exploring it.  I sleep next to the bed right by Dad.  After supper, Mom lets me lay on the couch between her and dad and watch TV.  Dad pets my belly and calls me his little "Ladybug".  Leonardog lays on the rug and watches TV too.  Thank you for finding me the best home ever!  Please come and visit and see how happy I am.  Hope to see you soon.

Tara and Norma

December 2010

ogs love us for who we are  They do not have a lot of complicated expectations or demands.  They are happy to see us, and show it.  They express their affection without restraint and appreciate even a little pat on the head.  They are honest, dedicated and live joyfully in the moment.


Today I would like to take this moment to let you know how much I appreciated that you and your team helped me with tara.  Everything that you do to help all the dogs is appreciated.


With love and gratitude, 

Tara and Norma

Claudia, Anthony, Lily and Violet

June 8, 2010

Dear Lynn, Carl and the other wonderful members of Halfway Hounds Board,


Thank you so much for letting us adopt Jack.  We’ve had him for about 7 weeks now and everything is going really well.  When my husband first found Jack on your website, I was nervous about adopting a 2 year old dog.  I had never adopted a dog from shelter, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Wow, was I ever surprised when I found out that along with Jack came a caring group of board members who wanted to make sure Jack was treated well and that his people had all the help they needed.


You were honest about Jack from the very first minute I contacted you via e-mail.  We truly appreciate that you spent a lot of time explaining Jack’s personality and his needs---so that we’d be sure that Jack was the beagle for us!


One of the (many) wonderful things about Halfway Hounds is that you make it very easy to reach out and request your help!  Whenever I had a question, I’d either e-mail or call you and I’d always get a quick response.  I truly believe it when you say that you’ll always be available to us, even though Jack is our dog now!


I’d also like to say a special thank you to Carl.  Thank you so very much for taking the trek out here to Long Island all the way from New Jersey.  I know that Saturdays are not a fun day to make this trip---but you did it twice.  The 1st time was when you brought us Jack, and the 2nd time was when I needed extra help walking Jack, among other things.  You are a very kind man with a special gift---it was magical watching you interact with Jack.  You are an inspiration and I am so honored to have learned from you.


A million thank yous to all of you.  Jack has found his forever home with us.  I promise to stay in touch and send you pictures!


May 23, 2010

Dear Lynn and Halfway Hounds Board Members,


I want to thank you for considering taking on Mackie's case.  Last week, we found a home for Mackie with a family living on my block. They fell in love with her and when they found out that she needed a home, they decided that she would fit well with their family.  I will continue to foster Mackie until late June when the family will be moving to Florida. I want to express my appreciation to your organization for providing me with a training session with Carl Zive. He is absolutely amazing and after one session with him, Mackie's behavior improved dramatically and I became a much better, calmer, and smarter dog lover!


Carl stated that he feels that a dog comes into our lives for a purpose and I feel that Mackie's purpose in my life is to educate me on the best way to train a dog and to introduce me to Halfway Hounds and your mission. Meeting and working with Carl was crucial in this process.


Thank you again for giving Mackie and me the opportunity to grow and learn together.





March 19, 2010

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization for all of the love and care that you have showed Jeter.


Please forward my thanks to his foster family. We were all so thrilled to hear that he is being shown such love and attention.

We love Jeter too, and want what is best for him.





January 9, 2010

I wanted to thank you for the help that you gave us through halfway hounds. We have learned some very valuable lessons to help us train max better. He's been walking on the treadmill every day. Today he actually sat at the end of the treadmill and gave us no problems while he was walking. He seems to be getting a little more relaxed every day and that wouldn't have happened without you, and the tools and techniques that Carl and Jessica

gave us when they visited. I really appreciate everything you've done for us and I'm sure that Max does too!


Thank you so much!




January 8, 2010

Thank you so much for sending us Carl and Jessica to help us with Max. The knowledge they had and the results we saw in just a few hours are truly amazing. We are lucky to have met someone who treats dogs, as we believe they should be treated, and to give us the tools we needed to help our dogs to be more balanced. I started out this morning by putting down the food for 15 minutes and take it away after.As expected, Max did not touch it. We will see how he does this week and report back to you. Putting him on the treadmill all by myself this morning was another miracle all by itself. No struggle and now my other dog wants to do it as well. The halty is an excellent tool and Max seemed not to mind it at all.  All in all it was the help we needed  to learn how to deal with Max , whose energy is boundless and his frustration was equally as boundless because he didn't get what he needed from us.


Thank you so much again.


October 3, 2009

Carl has helped me tremendously with "the walk." I have always been a one dog person and I was finding walking two dogs to be quite a challenge, especially given the opposite personalities of the two.   Carl taught me to control the walk by making all the decisions, such as when we move forward and when we stop to sniff, pee, etc. It has been a great help!


-Diane, foster, AFA 

Joan C.

August 10, 2009

We wish to thank your for your quick response to our need for an assessment of a distressed dog and his owner in North Brunswick.  The dog owner contacted us for help with her "out of control" one year old, Boxer.  She wanted to re-home the dog is she didn't get help quickly.


- Joan C., VP, North Brunswick Humane Association

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